21 Short Pointy Nail Designs [ 2023 ]

Daring and fierce pointed nails also known as stiletto or claw nails are a popular trend among celebrities like Rihanna and Adele. They make fingers appear longer and more slender. While this trend is worth trying, it is also the weakest nail shape and often done in acrylic or gel to prevent damage to natural nails. However, it is important to be cautious as they have the potential to cause injury. If you can pull off stiletto nails with stiletto heels on a night out it can be a truly impressive look.

Trending Pointy Nail Designs and Styles

As mention below, discover the latest and most stylish stiletto nail art designs that every girl desires. Pointed nails can give any girl a sexy and elegant look. If you haven’t yet tried this nail shape, let these designs inspire you. Experiment with different styles and colors of stiletto nails and flaunt your amazing pointy nails with confidence.

1. Pointy Nails in Yellow

Credit: MissItalyBarbie

Pointy nails exude boldness and fierceness.

2. Pointy Nails in Black

Credit Coolnail Store

The black and white combination is a timeless look that pairs well with everything, particularly on nails. The addition of silver glitter and rhinestones elevate this nail design to a true attention grabber.

3. French Tip Press On Nails

Credit: CANVALITE Store

French tip nails can give off a cool and extreme vibe.

4. Matte Pink Pastel Stiletto Nails

Credit: Morily Store

This nail design is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

5. Pastel Pink Pointed Nails with Studs and Glitter

Credit Nail Apparel

With all the glitter, these striking Pointed nails will definitely be a head-turner.

6. Nail Art for Pointed Nails


Be cautious when wearing stiletto nails as they can cause injuries.

7. Pink Stiletto Nails with Floating Hearts


Many people are drawn to this design due to its eye-catching appearance.

8. Fake Pointed Nails


This type of nail design is frequently compared to the shape of a cat’s claws.

10. Ideas for Stiletto Nail Art


This nail design is occasionally known as the “Wolverine” claws.

11. Pointed Nail shape

Credit Artquee

Long nails have more space for making a variety of designs possible.

12. Nails with French Tips


Any design or idea you can think of can be brought to life.

13. Stiletto Nail Designs with Green Glitter

Credit Kamize

To keep things simple then the solid colors are the ideal choice.

14. Black Matte Nails with Rhinestones

Credit Coolnail

When you have rhinestones on your nails, there’s no need for additional jewelry.

15. Stiletto nails with gold swirl


The length and shape of your nails can enhance the perfection of your stiletto nails.

16. Cute Black and White Heart with Gold Trim French


Make your nails stand out by decorating them with rhinestones.

17. Neon pink and nude combination in matte finish


Matte nail colors are considered the best and widely preferred.

18. Extra Long Coffin Press on Nails, Crystal Luxury Nails with Grey Black Rhinestones

Credit Kikmoya

Designs on your nails can enhance their visibility even more.

19. French tips with heart-shaped design


Bright red provides a striking contrast.

20. Nail design in black color


Press on Nails Long Coffin Fake Nails Black and White False Nails with Flame Design Glossy Stick on Nails.

21. Stiletto Nails

Credit MISUD

Spring stiletto nails are a popular nail trend characterized by their long pointed shape and bright with vibrant colors that are perfect for the spring season. They can be decorated with a variety of designs such as florals, pastels and geometric patterns. The stiletto shape elongates the fingers and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. Spring stiletto nails are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfits and are perfect for special occasions or just to brighten up your everyday look.